El Paso County Community Investment Program

I. Purpose

The purpose of the El Paso County Community Investment Process is to provide organizations located in the County with an opportunity to apply for support for activities and initiatives that offer economic benefits to the community and enhance the quality of life for El Paso County citizens.

Please note: the Community Investment Program does not fund table sponsorships. If you are seeking a table sponsorship for an upcoming event, please contact the Administrative Assistant to the County Administrator at (719) 520-6391.

II. How to Apply

1. Organizations interested in applying for consideration of EPC Community Investment funding must download and complete the Community Investment Application form available as a PDF.

Community Investment Application: PDF

Community Investment Program Process: PDF

2. Submit the application along with your organization’s IRS form 990 to the Financial Services Department by emailing the application to: CommunityInvestment@elpasoco.com.

Applications that are incomplete will be deemed ineligible for funding and will be returned to the applicant with explanation of rejection.
If your organization was funded the previous year through the Community Investment Program, you must also provide an annual report detailing how the funds were spent.

III. Review Process

Receiving EPC Community Investment is a competitive process and subject to available funding. Submission of a complete and compelling application is no assurance of funding.

Organizations applying for consideration must provide the following information, as outlined within the Community Investment Application:

  • Primary contact information (name, address, work and cell phone, email address, etc.);
  • Organization’s information (name of business, legal form under which the business operates, address, etc.);
  • Commissioner District where funding will be utilized;
  • A summary outlining the organization’s mission, vision, and values;
  • Funding request (funding request amount, outline if the organization has previously received sponsorship, etc.);
  • A synopsis of the funding request and other funding resources being utilized to fund the request;
  • A summary outlining the economic impact/return on investment the sponsorship will bring to El Paso County;
  • A summary outlining how the organization will recognize El Paso County for its sponsorship and how the County logo will be used;
  • The Commissioner district(s) that are directly influenced by the economic benefit; and
  • The organization’s most recent Form 990

In addition, applicants must acknowledge and authorize that:

  • All answers are true and complete to the best of applicant’s knowledge;
  • Any false or misleading information provided in the application may result in a rejection of sponsorship as determined by the Financial Services Department;
  • Sponsorship is not guaranteed and expressly subject to availability;
  • The County may conduct an analysis of all statements contained within an application for consideration of sponsorship and the County may contact the primary contact listed for additional documentation, as may be necessary to arrive at a final decision;
  • The County reserves the right to approve or reject any request for sponsorship at its discretion; and
  • If approved, applicant agrees to provide a year-end summary as to how the funding was utilized to provide economic impacts to the County and benefits to the community. Reports are due by December 31st.

The County gives individual attention to each application to ensure completeness of the application and that the applicant has met all of the eligibility requirements.

Eligible applications will be reviewed by a team of staff who will review and provide recommendations to the County Administrator and Chief Financial Officer. Successful applications will be those who best demonstrate how the funding request will result in economic impacts to the County and benefits to the community.

Applications are effective for one year. Each new budget year will require validation and submission for each funding request.

Per the Colorado Constitution Article XXIX § 3(2), local government officials and government employees are prohibited from accepting or receiving any gift or other item(s) of value greater than the adjusted gift ban dollar limit in any calendar year. If you have questions concerning the provision of tickets to events, merchandise, or items that may go over the gift ban amount, please contact the Administrative Assistant to the County Administrator at (719)520-6391.

IV. Timeline of Decision and Notification of Decision

The review and decision process is made within three-four weeks. All applications must be received by October 31st for consideration of funding for the upcoming budget year (January 1). Any application received after October 31st will be considered only if funding remains for the upcoming budget year.

Once a decision is made, applicants shall be notified of the approval or denial via email by December 31st. Approved applicants will receive an official, signed approval letter and a check for the approved amount will be issued within the first few weeks of January (please note: holidays, weather delays, or unexpected closures may delay the process).

Approved applicants may choose to pick up the check at the Financial Services Department or to have the check mailed. Please note: selecting the mail option may take 3-5 business days.