El Paso County, Colorado is dedicated to improving social, physical, and economic barriers for low-income residents through Community Development Block Grants, and connecting Colorado taxpayers and nonprofits to improve the economic conditions of the Pikes Peak Enterprise Zone through Contribution Projects. Learn about federal grants, contribution projects, and private activity bond programs which benefit El Paso County residents, nonprofits, and local organizations.

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Community Development Analyst

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Pikes Peak Enterprise Zone Administrator

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Economic Development Department

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Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Community Programs

Community Development Block Grants (CDBG)

CDBG’s mission is to develop viable communities through a range of affordable housing choices, necessary services and public infrastructure, strong local economy, and mobilization of community resources to enhance collaboration and community partnerships.

Enterprise Zone (EZ) Contribution Projects

The Enterprise Zone Contribution Tax Credit provides a tax credit to Colorado taxpayers that contribute to targeted EZ Contribution Projects.

Nonprofit Private Activity Bonds

Tax-exempt bond financing offers qualifying nonprofit organizations the ability to access low-cost capital for their long-term financing needs for projects that benefit the public.

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