Pikes Peak Enterprise Zone Contribution Project Program Flyer 2024
Pikes Peak Enterprise Zone Contribution Project Program Flyer

About the Program

The primary goal of the Enterprise Zone (EZ) Contribution Project Program is to create or preserve an environment that will help attract, expand, and retain employers in the EZ.

Colorado Taxpayer Incentives

State income tax credits equal to 25% of monetary contributions and 12.5% of in-kind contributions are available to Colorado taxpayers who make charitable contributions to approved nonprofits that improve the economic conditions of the EZ.

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Eligible EZ Contribution Project Types

Capital Campaign Projects

Capital campaign projects encourage public/private partnerships, raise money for a specific capital project to serve the broader community, and begin construction or implementation within five years. Eligible Capital campaign project categories include:

  • Community Facility
  • Workforce Housing
  • Tourist Attraction
  • Infrastructure

Operations Projects

Operations projects fund new economic activity in the enterprise zone to achieve near-term goals. Eligible Operations project categories include:

  • Business Assistance
  • Economic Development Organizations
  • Job Training Programs
  • Visitor Event/Attraction
  • Healthcare

Ineligible EZ Contribution Project Categories

Social services are not typically eligible for EZ Contribution Project status because they do not achieve near-term economic development goals. These include:

  • Endowments
  • General Education
  • Food Subsidies and Food Banks
  • Child Care and Youth Activities
  • Eldercare
  • Most Human Services
  • Animal Shelters and Humane Societies
  • Homeless Support and Prevention Services**

**As of January 1, 2023, Homeless Support and Prevention Service Providers in Colorado no longer participate in the EZ Contribution Project Program, and may now participate in the Colorado Homeless Contribution Income Tax Credit Program (HCTC) Program. Please visit the Colorado Department of Local Affairs website for more information regarding the HCTC Program, as well as a listing of eligible nonprofit organizations and projects.

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Pikes Peak Enterprise Zone Administrator
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