In El Paso County, Colorado, we take a holistic approach to economic development. Our office is uniquely tasked with serving an ever-growing region with ever-changing needs. We navigate our dynamic economic landscape with a focused approach, by offering diverse incentives for businesses and leveraging federal and state resources for housing and community development. Our goal is to assist in creating a robust, diversified, economic ecosystem. To learn more about our work, view the sections below.

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Executive Director

Crystal LaTier




Economic Development Department

9 E. Vermijo Ave

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Project Manager

Natasha North


Project Coordinator

Samantha Kelly


Business Incentives Analyst

Katie Plutz


Pikes Peak Enterprise Zone Administrator

Sara Lobato


Community Development Analyst

Luke Houser


Housing Analyst

Randi Davis


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Visit our Business Incentives page to explore business loans, tax credits, and financing opportunities for small and large businesses in the Pikes Peak Region.

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Visit our Community Initiatives page to learn about federal grants, contribution projects, and private activity bond programs which benefit El Paso County residents, nonprofits, and local organizations.

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Visit our Housing page for information about affordable housing, financial assistance, and resources that support local homeowners and developers.

Upcoming Events

Event Highlights

Southeast Community Outreach Event

On February 27, Economic Development hosted a free event at the Sand Creek Library to highlight community projects and affordable housing resources.

Randi Davis and Luke Houser presented the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Affordable Housing programs on behalf of the County. Representatives from Brothers Redevelopment shared how their housing rehabilitation programs support community needs.

Special thanks to Brothers Redevelopment and the Sand Creek Library for their collaborative partnership!

El Paso County Small Business Resources Event

On January 24, Economic Development hosted a free event at the City of Manitou Springs Memorial Hall for small business owners in El Paso County.

Sara Lobato and Katie Plutz presented the Pikes Peak Enterprise Zone and Business Loan Fund programs on behalf of the County. Partners from the Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center and Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado provided vital resources to support small businesses.

Special thanks to our community partners and local small businesses who enrich our region!

El Paso County Housing Authority 30th Anniversary Celebration

On November 2, Economic Development and the El Paso County Housing Authority hosted a free event to celebrate thirty years of advancing affordable housing in our community.

Crystal LaTier, Randi Davis, and Jack Beuse shared the positive impact of thirty years of affordable housing initiatives throughout the County. To learn more about the Housing Authority’s impact, view the video or visit the EPCHA website.

Gratitude to the EPCHA members, El Paso County representatives, and community partners who made this event special and memorable.

Our Work in Action

Preview the featured program highlights from 2024.

Small businesses and startups in El Paso County may be eligible for $5,000 to $50,000 in loan funding. Local businesses received over $111,000 in 2023.

The Community Development Block Grant program provides infrastructure improvements and removes accessibility barriers for El Paso County residents.

In 2024, Bentley Commons will add 192 new affordable housing units including 25 units set aside for Veterans.

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Department Accomplishments

Read the infographics below to learn about the positive impact of our programs in 2022.

Helping local businesses thrive through diverse incentive programs.

Removing barriers for low-income residents through grants and connecting Colorado taxpayers with nonprofits through contribution projects.

Supporting local housing initiatives through housing trust fund loans, private activity bonds, and down payment assistance for families.

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