El Paso County, Colorado is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes thrive through diverse incentive programs. Learn about programs including tax credits and rebates, business loans, and state and federal funding opportunities available to businesses in El Paso County.

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Business Programs

Enterprise Zone Tax Credits

For-profit businesses may earn state income tax credits and are eligible for sales and use tax exemptions for specific business investments.

Business Loan Fund

The Business Loan Fund program offers small business loans up to $50,000. Apply today.

Commercial Aeronautical Zone

The sales tax from El Paso County is rebated for businesses specifically engaged in a variety of aeronautical activities conducted on or near the Colorado Springs Airport.


C-PACE is a state initiative that helps building owners access private-sector financing to upgrade their building with utility cost saving or resiliency improvements.

Tax Increment Financing

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a financial tool used to encourage development and address blight by capturing the future tax benefits of new development to pay for the present cost.

Opportunity Zones

Opportunity zones are a federal tax incentive program designed to incentivize investors to reinvest capital gains in economically distressed communities.

Business Personal Property Tax Credit

El Paso County, Colorado provides a credit to all businesses for the county’s share of business personal property taxes.

Business Resources

Business Resources is a listing of other organizations and resources available to businesses in El Paso County, Colorado.

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