Enterprise Zone (EZ) Program Overview

The Colorado Enterprise Zone (EZ) Program was created by the Colorado Legislature (C.R.S. Title 39, Article 30) to promote a business-friendly environment in economically distressed areas by offering state income tax credits that incentivize businesses to locate and develop in – and nonprofit organizations to assist with the needs of – these communities.

Taxpayers investing in Enterprise Zones can earn a Colorado income tax credit by planning and executing specific economic development activities. Only taxpayers engaged in business activities that are legal under both state and federal law are eligible to claim EZ income tax credits.

Pikes Peak Enterprise Zone Fact Sheet 2024
Pikes Peak Enterprise Zone Fact Sheet

Enterprise Zone Income Tax Credits & Additional Incentives

3% Investment Tax Credit

1.5% Commercial Vehicle Tax Credit

12% Job Training Tax Credit

$1,100 New Employee Tax Credit

$500 Agricultural Processor New Employee Tax Credit

$1,000 Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Tax Credit

3% Research & Development Tax Credit

25% Vacant Commercial Building Rehabilitation Tax Credit

Expanded Manufacturing & Mining Sales & Use Exemption

Contribution Tax Credit

Enterprise Zone Applications and Resources

EZ Pre-Certification and Certification Applications

View our EZ Application video tutorials and complete your EZ Pre-certification and Certification applications.

EZ Tax Credits Available

Learn more about the various state income tax credits available to eligible for-profit businesses.

Pikes Peak EZ Maps

Explore maps and determine if your business is within the Pikes Peak EZ.

Pikes Peak EZ Goals and Reports

Access our Pikes Peak EZ Economic Development Goals and Annual Reports.

Pikes Peak EZ Informational Webinar

View our on-demand informative webinar discussing the benefits of the EZ Tax Credit Program.

EZ Contribution Project Tax Credit Program

Earn additional EZ Tax Credits for charitable contributions made to approved nonprofit organizations.

Informational Resources

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