About the Program

El Paso County, the City of Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) and the State of Colorado are dedicated to attracting local businesses and helping them thrive at the Colorado Springs Airport. Businesses can benefit from many tax savings through the Commercial Aeronautical Zone (CAZ), Aviation Development Zone (ADZ), Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), and the Enterprise Zone (EZ).

By resolution adopted by the Board of County Commissioners, the sales tax from El Paso County is rebated for businesses specifically engaged in a variety of aeronautical activities.

Eligible Activities for Sales Tax Rebate

Annually, El Paso County will provide a credit back to eligible businesses within the Airport CAZ for the county’s 1% general sales tax collected on the items below. For businesses in the CAZ but not on the Airport, the credit will be for one-half of that amount. Click here to view the CAZ map.

  • The sale, purchase, lease, rental, use, storage, distribution or consumption of any aircraft, aircraft parts or supplies, equipment, tooling, solvents and/or paints used or consumed in the manufacture, maintenance, repair or overhaul of aircraft within the Commercial Aeronautical Zone
  • Purchase of lease equipment directly and exclusively used or consumed in the manufacture, maintenance, repair or overhaul of aircraft within the Commercial Aeronautical Zone
  • Construction materials
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Application Steps

Step 1: Initial Contact

The El Paso County Economic Development Department provides a Business Enhancement Program Agreement (BEPA) and Construction Materials Certification (if applicable) upon request. Please email EPCCAZ@elpasoco.com.

Step 2: Applicant Submits BEPA

The Economic Development Department reviews the BEPA application for completeness and business location for eligibility. All eligible, complete BEPA/Certifications are forwarded to the El Paso County CFO/Budget Officer for final review and signature.

Step 3: BEPA Returns to Applicant

The Economic Development Department returns fully executed documents to the applicant and provides contact information and next step instructions on how to submit for sales tax rebate moving forward.

Submit for Credit

The taxpayer presents evidence of payment of El Paso County’s 1% sales tax on eligible items outlined in the BEPA no later than January 31st of the following year to the El Paso County Budget Office for review and approval.

Commercial Aeronautical Zone (CAZ) Map
Commercial Aeronautical Zone (CAZ) Map
Commercial Aeronautical Zone (CAZ) One-Pager
Commercial Aeronautical Zone (CAZ) One-Pager

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