The Department of Human Services and a DHS staff member were recently recognized by Discover Goodwill and Newman University for ongoing efforts.

“We wanted to highlight some of the great work done by our staff,” DHS Executive Director Julie Krow said as she addressed the board of El Paso County Commissioners on Tuesday, May 2..

The Department of Human Services was named one of Discover Goodwill’s 2017 Extending Goodwill Award recipients at the nonprofit’s annual dinner on April 26. The Extending Goodwill Award recipients honors entities which contributed to the nonprofit’s life-transforming mission and services in the previous year. Discover Goodwill thanks DHS for being a “collaborator in changed lives.”

DHS Goodwill April 2018

Contributions have been noted by others in the region. In April, Economic and Administrative Services Director Karen Logan was recognized Newman University as Field Instructor of the Year for her continued efforts to advance the field of social work.

Logan has worked with Newman University for the last eight years as a Field Supervisor of master level social work students and participates every year in a job fair to recruit students that are newly graduating into the field of Child Welfare.

DHS has partnered for more than 30 years with colleges in the region that offer Social Work degrees. Participating in education programs not only helps further the field of social work with highly qualified practitioners, but also helps DHS work with directly with students while they are obtaining their degrees.

“We have the best Department of Human Services out of all 64 counties in the state,” said President Pro Tem Mark Waller.

“Your work is difficult,” said Commissioner Longinos Gonzalez, Jr. “Thank you for all that you do.”