Americas Competitiveness Exchange

Colorado 2021

ACE Tour - Colorado 2021

The Americas Competitiveness Exchange (ACE) is the premier economic development, innovation, and entrepreneurial network of the Americas and is one of the leading High–Level events of the Organization of American States (OAS). The ACE program is one of the core initiatives of the Inter-American Competitiveness Network (RIAC), for which the OAS serves as the Technical Secretariat. The ACE brings together up to 50 senior-level government, business, policy, and economic decision-makers from across the Americas and beyond to experience first-hand the diverse range of projects, strategic investments, public-private partnerships, and best practices from a particular region’s economic, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. These top global leaders are selected to participate in the week-long program to engage with innovation hubs, advanced technology centers, leading firms, educational and research institutions; explore local, regional, urban, and rural economic development models; share experiences and knowledge; build networks to enhance competitiveness in the Americas; promote sustainable and inclusive economic development; and increase trade and investment opportunities.

During the ACE, participants will travel through different cities to visit top innovation hubs, research centers, top companies, and leading academic institutions. Each visit offers a unique opportunity to explore local and regional economic development models. The immersive program includes hands-on demonstrations of next-generation technology, presentations and interactive discussions, behind the scenes tours, and VIP networking events to create multidirectional collaboration channels designed for participants to explore mutually beneficial partnerships, investment opportunities, and the exchange of best practices on economic development, innovation, and entrepreneurship between the hosts and fellow ACE leaders.

The ACE has been held twelve times throughout different regions since 2014, including seven in the United States, one in Canada, three in Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, and Chile), and one Special Edition hosted jointly by Germany and Israel.