William J. Hybl, Chairman and CEO El Pomar Foundation, and the El Pomar Board of Trustees have generously provided a second $250,000 gift to provide grants to individuals to assist with uninsured losses and help offset insurance deductibles resulting from the catastrophic recent flooding and hail.

People who live, work in, or were visiting the damaged area can qualify for financial assistance where other financial support is not available from federal, state and insurance. Individual grants are available to help cover costs of vehicle and house damage, deductible assistance, and temporary lodging. A temporary hail assistance center will be open on Friday at the El Paso County Citizen Service Center until 5:30 p.m., although it will close earlier if all funds are expended before that time. Those who are applying must provide proof of damages incurred and ownership. Photos and insurance documents are recommended.

This brings the total support from the El Pomar Foundation to $500,000 to help people in Colorado Springs, El Paso County and Teller County who were impacted by unprecedented hail and flood damage from severe weather during July and August 2018. The Temporary Hail Assistance Center on Thursday worked with 400 families, distributing nearly all of the initial grant.

Temporary Hail Assistance Center

  • El Paso County Citizen Service Center
  • 1675 West Garden of the Gods Road
  • First Floor, Room 1019
  • Friday, August 10
  • 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. or until all funds are expended

El Paso County’s Fraud Investigation Unit will perform the intake and determine eligibility based on requirements that applicants be able to show both ownership and damages sustained during the storms. County finance representatives will issue checks from the special El Pomar Foundation funding to individuals directly onsite. Eligibility guidelines and documentation requirements are listed on the grant application form.

Applicants are encouraged to review the grant application form online, but the information must be submitted in person.

El Pomar’s CEO, William J. Hybl, stated “The Trustees are proud to have played a role in helping hundreds of El Paso and Teller County residents during this challenging time. While we now know our total commitment of $500,000 is not going to be able to help all of those in need, we are hopeful it significantly impacts need and loss in our community.”