On May 15, 2018, Nathan Parks pled guilty to voting twice in the 2016 General Election. Mr. Parks knowingly cast ballots in Colorado and Washington, resulting in a misdemeanor, according to the Colorado Revised Statute 1-13-710. As part of his sentencing, Mr. Parks will provide 30 hours of community service, pay all restitution and court fees, and serve a 12 month deferred sentence.

Nathan Parks, 54, had registered to vote in Colorado in August 2013, while maintaining his residency and voter registration in Clallam County, Washington. Mr. Parks had not cast any absentee ballots in Colorado until the 2016, General Election, where he also voted in Washington.

“Every vote is a voice and our office works hard to make sure that your vote is your voice. Voting twice in an election is illegal. Double voting decreases the public’s confidence that our election systems are fair” said Chuck Broerman, El Paso County Clerk & Recorder. “In Colorado, we make it easy to register and vote, but hard to cheat. As a result, voter fraud is rare in El Paso County. But as this case proves, when it does occur, the District Attorney’s Office, under Dan May, investigates and prosecutes.”

Additionally, on May 16, 2018, Bonnie Schrader appeared before the El Paso County District Court on allegations that she voted twice and forged a ballot signature, both within El Paso County. If convicted, the forgery charge is a class 5 felony (Colorado Revised Statute 18-5-102(1) (e)), and the charge of voting twice in an election is a misdemeanor (Colorado Revised Statute 1-13-710).