Human Resources & Risk Management

Our mission is to serve the citizens of El Paso County by building and supporting a strong, stable workforce fostering an environment of integrity, transparency and dedication to fulfilling and anticipating the needs of the County.

Executive Director:  Andrea McGee
Telephone:  (719) 520-7486
Fax:  (719) 520-7406

2880 International Circle, Suite N060
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All applications are to be submitted online

If file attachments are included with an application submission, they are limited to a resume, cover letter, and reference letter(s) unless a request to include specific information (e.g. transcripts) has been made in the job posting description.


1. Click on Current Job Openings. The Current Job Openings page will be displayed that contains a list of current open positions.

2. Click on the position title of a job you are interested in. A Job Description page will be displayed that provides a description of the position in the following areas:

  • Essential Job Functions – description of type of work involved
  • Minimum Qualifications – requirements to be met to be eligible for hire
  • Licenses/Certificates – official documents to have to be eligible for hire
  • Work Conditions – conditions/situations that the job involves
  • Benefits – benefits available (a basic statement is currently being used)
  • Supplemental Questions – additional information needed to better describe you

3. Click on the link Apply. The Applicant Login page will be displayed.

  • If you are already logged in, you will bypass this page.
  • If you have an existing account, use your username and password to login.
  • If this is your first time applying you must create a user account.
  • Your user account is made up of your contact information, email, username, and password.
  • Each account must have an email address that has not been used by another account.

4. Create an application for the position you selected.

  • If you have an existing application, you have the option to use that application.
  • An application involves entering information in the following sections:
    • Main body of the application
    • Contact information
    • Education
    • Work Experience
    • Certificates, Licenses
    • Skills
    • Additional Information
    • References
    • Attach Resume (optional)
    • Attachments (optional)
    •  Agency-Wide Questions – standard application questions
    • Supplemental Questions – additional questions that are specific to the job
    • Confirm Your Application – review and revise your application if necessary
    • Certify & Submit Your Application – confirm that the information is correct and submit


  • Applications are to be submitted in electronic form using this website or unless specified otherwise.
  • The Job Description will specify how an application may be submitted.
  • Attached application documents must have one of the following file extensions: pdf, doc, docx, txt or rtf.
  • Applications will not be accepted or considered if they are mailed, emailed, faxed, or dropped off at our office.
  • Once a job posting closes, generally within two to three weeks, if you are selected for an interview a response from the hiring authority should be received.
  • For Job Postings having a specific deadline, applications will not be accepted after that deadline. This also applies to applications being re-submitted.
  • Some Job Postings are open as “continuous” or “until filled”. Applications will be accepted until a position has been filled or the decision has been made to remove the Job Posting.
  • El Paso County does not retain resumes or applications for future consideration.
  • Email is the primary form of notification used during the recruitment process.
  • You are responsible for the validity and reliability of the email address that you have entered on your application.
  • Applying for more than one position a separate application needs to be submitted for every position you apply for.
  • Only authorized El Paso County EBMS staff will have access to your complete on-line application; with limited information provided to the department representative assisting with a specific recruitment. The data is not shared with anyone outside staff members and is maintained on a secured web server.


  • Provide accurate contact information
  • Use your full legal name, including last name, first name, and middle initial
  • Enter a valid phone number
  • The email address entered cannot be used by another account
  • Provide sufficient information on your application regarding your education, work experience, and applicable licenses/certifications to demonstrate that you meet the minimum qualifications for each position that you submit an application
  • You may attach a resume to your application, but the application must be completed in its entirety. Incomplete applications may be rejected
  • Complete all sections of the application – do not use “see resume”


Information on creating your applicant profile is available online at

Use a “master” application when applying for more than one position. Once you have established your user account, you may click on the “Populate” button to automatically populate a new application with the information from your previous (“master”) application. You may then review and update your application materials and required attachments as necessary prior to submission (if additional documents are required for another position you are applying for, you will need to either submit, or re-submit those documents if allowed).

Once your application has been submitted (Certify and Submit icon), the information is saved. If you make a change to your application after submittal, these changes are not visible to Human Resources staff. The changes are only visible to you. However, a job posting may allow you to resubmit a new complete application packet with your changes and appropriate attachments if done PRIOR TO the final filing deadline.

Save your application as you create it. Each time you complete a section of the application form, click the “Save and View Application” button at the bottom of the form. If you need to exit out of the application form before it is complete, click the “Save and View Application” button. The system will save the information you have input.

Check your application before submitting. Review that the information on your application is correct. Review that all the required documents have been “attached” or inserted as “Text” if that is an option (Please note that once your attachment has been successfully uploaded (“attached”) to your application, a link with the name of your file will be visible to you. If you do not see a link with your file name, prior to submitting your application packet, please contact NEOGOV’s technical support at 1-877-204-4442 for assistance in uploading the electronic version of your required attachment(s). Then click the “Certify and Submit” button thereby completing submission of your application.

Confirming your application was received will occur by an automatically generated e-mail confirmation. It will be sent after submitting your application. This will be the notification your application was received; however the auto response does not confirm required attachments.

In many cases email notices will be sent to candidates throughout the recruitment process. Be sure your email account allows for these communications to be received in your “Inbox” and not your “Junk Mail”.

El Paso County Risk Management must plan for the negative consequences of any decision, omission, process, or action by using whatever means feasible to control the chance of financial loss, and by managing and minimizing all financial losses that do occur.  The department specifically directs the administration of all self-insurance and insurance programs, liability, property losses, accident investigations, claims subrogation, loss prevention, and litigation management.

El Paso County Worker’s Compensation provides our employees medical treatment for work related injuries/illnesses while ensuring El Paso County is in compliance with workers’ compensation laws.

If injured in the scope of your employment, notify your supervisor no later than the end of the day, even for minor injuries.  For emergencies, go to Penrose Hospital (2222 N. Nevada Ave) or St. Francis Medical Center (6001 E. Woodmen Rd).

Employees MUST complete and submit all the appropriate forms within four (4) BUSINESS days of the initial injury.

For Risk Management or Worker’s Compensation assistance please call (719) 520-7486.

Certificate of Self Insurance

Employee Written Notice of Injury

Workers’ Compensation Instructions

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Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.