As part of the Jones Park Master Plan process, El Paso County and Altitude Land Consultants will host a trail workshop to discuss potential new trail opportunities within Jones Park.

The workshop will be conducted at 6:30 p.m., on Thursday, March 28, at the Gold Hill Division Police Station, 955 W Moreno Ave, Colorado Springs.

The meeting was originally schedule for earlier in the month but was postponed due to the snowstorm.

The format will include a general introduction and small group technical discussions regarding potential new trail opportunities. Residents are invited to participate in the small groups. Interested agencies and organizations are also encouraged to attend, but please limit your small group participation to two people in order to accommodate input from all parties.

Jones Park Master Planning Process Background Information

In 2015, the City of Colorado Springs conveyed Jones Park to El Paso County. Jones Park is approximately 1,200 acres and is located within the Bear Creek Watershed, surrounded by United States Forest Service land. The park has approximately 3.5 miles of existing multi-use trails that allow for hiking, biking, horseback riding and motorcycle use and approximately one mile of non-motorized single track trail. The Jones Park trail system connects to Forest Service trails outside of Jones Park.

The master plan will be developed in accordance with the Bear Creek Watershed Restoration / Environmental Assessment, US Forest Service Bear Creek Watershed Project / Final Decision, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Biological Opinion, El Paso County Parks standards, and the Jones Park Conservation Easement (held by the Palmer Land Trust).

As with all individual parks and open space master plans, the Jones Park master plan will be used as a guiding document for the development of passive and active use facilities and services throughout the park. The Master Plan is intended to provide a vision for the future of Jones Park by outlining new facilities, recreation opportunities, and cultural services programs. It explores existing conditions and future needs from the vantage point of the public, stakeholders, and County staff and leaders to provide a roadmap for the future. This vision will be further expressed through the goals, action items, and implementation plan to provide outdoor recreational opportunities while fostering long term protection of open space, wildlife habitat, and historic and cultural resources.

The implementation component of the master plan will address sustainable facilities development and maintenance practices to ensure wise use of limited resources. Developing and implementing the Jones Park master plan will reinforce the County’s commitment to providing a balanced approach when addressing community recreational needs, while providing responsible land stewardship and asset management.

It is anticipated the master plan will be presented to the Park Advisory Board for consideration and / or endorsement in April, 2019, and to the Board of County Commissioners for consideration and / or approval in May, 2019.