Remote work is a fixture of the digital workplace and appropriate for many but not all County jobs. If your supervisor approves of you working remotely, read on for resources to help you be successful.

1. Get Ready

      • Be sure that all the working files you need are in OneDrive so that you can access them anywhere.
      • Be sure that you can access group mailboxes that you need by logging into
      • Make a list of online applications that you will be able to access via the Internet.
      • Be sure that you’ve connected your laptop to the County network (with a network cable or Wi-Fi) within the last 30 days so that necessary updates can be applied.
      • Make sure that you have access to the Internet with a speed at least 20Mbs.

2. Get Access

      • If you access on a personal PC, you must print and sign the following waiver and submit it to your supervisor. Click here for the Employee Use Agreement & Release Form.
      • Use Global Protect VPN to remotely access the County network and its applications. If you need access to Global Protect VPN, contact Customer Support at or call at 719-520-6355.

3. Use Tools







Office 365

      • Click the Start button on the taskbar and search for the desired Office 365 application (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.).
      • If you do not see Office 365 applications:
          • Go to
          • Sign in using your County credentials (email and password).

Cisco Jabber

      • Click the Start button on the taskbar and search for Cisco Jabber.
        Note: If you do not see Cisco Jabber, contact Customer Support. Not all users have access to Jabber. You may need approval from your supervisor.
      • Sign in to Cisco Jabber using your County credentials (User ID and password).
          • Install and access Jabber on iPhone and iPad:
          • From your iPhone or iPad, go to App Store.
          • Search for and select Cisco Jabber to install.
          • After installation, launch the app and accept the license agreement by tapping the Accept button.
          • Enter your EPC email and password to sign in to the application.
            Note: If you receive an error that says, “Your username or password is not correct”, use your EPC or home Wi-Fi and sign in again.
          • After signing into Cisco Jabber, click the Accept button in the displayed notification.

Note: This notification can be displayed several times, tap the Accept button every time.

More Resources

While connected to the County network, access the El Paso County Information site for more tips, tools, and training.