The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office has announced the Sample Ballot for the 2019 Coordinated Election is now available. Voters are encouraged to review the Sample Ballot and become familiar with the candidates, issues and questions prior to ballots being mailed on October 11.

“We are committed to giving voters the information they need well in advance of the election,” said Chuck Broerman, Clerk and Recorder. “By studying the ballot voters are better prepared to make well-informed decisions and be ready to vote when their ballot arrives.”

A total of 20 jurisdictions will participate in this year’s election on November 5. The State has two propositions on the ballot and the City of Colorado Springs has two TABOR questions. Also, there are other municipalities, special districts and school districts with issues, questions or candidates. The ballot content for a voter depends on the precinct and district(s) where their residence is located. They may visit and click “Find My Registration” to learn in which jurisdiction(s) they reside.

There will be 16 secure 24-hour ballot drop boxes throughout the county where voters may return their ballot. Voters also may return their ballot by mail or at one of the seven Voter Service and Polling Centers that will be available. Voters are encouraged to return their voted ballot early.

For the locations of secure 24-hour ballot drop boxes and Voter Service and Polling Centers, please visit All ballots must be received by the Clerk and Recorder’s Office by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day, November 5.