Enterprise Zone Contribution Projects

The goal of Enterprise Zone Contribution Projects is to create or preserve an environment that will help attract, expand or retain employers in the Enterprise Zone (EZ). To encourage Colorado taxpayers to make contributions to non-profits that make improvements to the Pikes Peak Enterprise Zone, a State Income Tax Credit equal to 25% of monetary contributions is available.

Eligible EZ Contribution Project Categories:

Capital Campaign Projects: Capital campaign projects encourage public/private partnerships, raise money for a specific capital project to serve the broader community, and begin construction or implementation within five years. Eligible Capital campaign project categories include:

    • Community Facility
    • Workforce Housing
    • Tourist Attraction
    • Infrastructure

Operations Projects: Operations projects fund new economic activity in the enterprise zone to achieve near-term goals. Eligible Operations project categories include:

    • Business Assistance
    • Economic Development Organizations
    • Job Training Programs
    • Visitor Event/Attraction
    • Homeless Housing and Employment Services

Ineligible EZ Contribution Project Categories:

Social services are not typically eligible for EZ Contribution Project status because they do not achieve near-term economic development goals. These include:

    • Education
    • Food Subsidies and Food Banks
    • Child Care and Youth Activities
    • Eldercare
    • Homeless Prevention
    • Most Human Services
    • Animal Shelters and Humane Societies

Pikes Peak Enterprise Zone Economic Development Goals:

  • Support business opportunities – and increase the number of out-of-area visitors to EZ contribution projects – that promote the region’s heritage, unique cultures, scenic beauty, wildlife, arts, sporting activities, and other tourism opportunities.
  • Support and encourage increased employment opportunities by partnering with economic development focused agencies and businesses in marketing, recruitment, and training efforts, resulting in new or increased job opportunities within the EZ.
  • In partnership with community stakeholders, support the revitalization of existing business districts through rehabilitation and business expansion.
  • Support Workforce Housing Capital Campaigns and Homeless Housing and Employment Services Operations, promoting a variety of housing and job opportunities in the region, resulting in an increase of successful housing outcomes and job placements.

Important Note: Due to the economic disruption caused by COVID-19, the State Economic Development Commission (EDC) is now using a stricter lens to evaluate all new EZ Contribution Project applications, and applicants must be able to clearly demonstrate direct impact on economic prosperity in the region.

For questions or concerns, please contact the Pikes Peak EZ Administrator: Sara Lobato via email at saralobato@elpasoco.com

Approved Pikes Peak EZ Contribution Projects as of 8/1/2021:

The Colorado Economic Development Commission and the Pikes Peak EZ Administrator have approved the following list of projects that assist in implementing the economic development goals of the Pikes Peak Enterprise Zone. Both businesses and individuals can make charitable donations through the EZ and take advantage of the tax credit. If the donation and recipient are eligible under federal rules, the federal charitable contribution deduction can be taken; no credits are allowed for contributions that directly benefit the contributor.

To make a contribution to any of the following organizations though the Enterprise Zone, please contact the respective organization or our office for additional information.

Contact us:

Sara Lobato
Pikes Peak Enterprise Zone Administrator
9 E. Vermijo Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: 719-520-6480

Lauren Johnson-LeGrand
Economic Development Coordinator
9 E. Vermijo Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: 719-520-6236