Innovative Solutions for Housing Needs

The El Paso County Housing Authority was established in 1993 by the Board of County Commissioners to promote suitable living environments for all persons and families. Funding is available through the finite resources of the Housing Trust Fund. No local, state or federal tax dollars are utilized. Funding is available in the form of loans or the direct purchase of services for which no repayment is required, but loans are preferred. Because the Housing Trust Fund is internally self-sustained, it is imperative to revolve the funds so that more residents are assisted in the future.


The El Paso County Housing Authority provides funding to agencies with experience in the design and administration of innovative programs that address the housing needs in El Paso County.

Programs/projects may include, but would not be limited to, the following:

  • Initial homeownership
  • Retention of homeownership
  • Development of new, affordable, accessible housing units
  • Housing rehabilitation
  • Rental assistance
  • Homelessness
  • Special needs housing

How Does an Agency Apply?

Housing Development and Special Projects

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Please note the application below does not apply to Rental Assistance or Housing Rehabilitation projects.

Housing Trust Fund Application- Housing Development and Special Projects

For more information about these categories, please contact:

Crystal LaTier
Housing & Community Development Senior Analyst
9 E. Vermijo Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
719 520 6484-phone
719 520 6288-fax

Rental Assistance and Housing Rehabilitation Projects

Applications are released once a year in October, and reviewed by the El Paso County Housing Authority. All decisions are reached prior to the end of that calendar year, so that selected agencies will have the next full calendar year to expend funds.

For more information regarding this category of funding, please contact:

Sara Lobato
Economic Development Senior Analyst
9 E Vermijo Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
(719) 520-6480 Phone

2017 Housing Trust Fund Outcomes

Projects Supported by the El Paso County Housing Trust Fund
Number of New Affordable Multifamily Units Developed  180 units
Number of Affordable Multifamily Units Preserved 111 units
Number of Permanent Supportive Housing Units Developed  115 units
Number of Shelter Beds Assisted/Expanded  102 shelter beds
Number of Households Assisted with Rental Assistance  272 households
Number of Households Assisted with Housing Rehabilitation  6 households