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The resources listed below are meant to assist subrecipients in effective CDBG administration. Subrecipients can access informational resources, tools, and reporting documents below.

Getting Started with CDBG

All funding applicants are highly encouraged to review the documents below prior to submitting an application.
These resources explain what to expect when developing a potential project and how to ensure your application complies with CDBG program requirements.

El Paso County Toolkit

General Guidance

HUD Eligibility

Subrecipient Reporting Forms

The following are mandatory reporting forms for all subrecipients administering CDBG funds.
Review the Annual Reporting Schedule and Annual Income Limits below to ensure program compliance.
Download the Quarterly and Annual reports and follow the instructions to submit them to El Paso County CDBG staff before each deadline.

Reporting Requirements

Quarterly Reports

Annual Reports

Construction Project Resources and Forms

The following are mandatory reporting policies and forms for all subrecipients administering CDBG funds for construction activities.
Contact El Paso County CDBG staff prior to the RFP/IFB publication to assist in determining the appropriate Davis Bacon wages for your project.
Ensure all mandatory items are completed prior to beginning construction, and ensure all mandatory posters are displayed on job site during construction.

Department of Labor Icon

Mandatory RFP/IFB Forms

Mandatory Pre-Construction Items

Mandatory Construction Site Posters

Compliance Guides

For more information, contact:

Luke Houser
Community Development Analyst
9 E. Vermijo Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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